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The original PC version of ALOGIT was developed from a mainframe program in 1986 by Hague Consulting Group to support its own work.  HCG decided to offer the program to other users, while continuing to develop it.  When the consulting business of HCG merged with RAND Europe in 2001, ownership of ALOGIT passed into the hands of HPG Holding, but RAND Europe continued to market the software until the summer of 2005, at which point HPG Holding took marketing into its own hands.  RAND and RAND Europe have had no connection with ALOGIT since 2005, other than as users.


Since January 2007 ALOGIT has been owned, supported and marketed by ALOGIT Software & Analysis Ltd..  However, development, support and marketing is still being provided by Andrew Daly, the author of the program. Dr. Rebecca Hamer, who provided support for ALOGIT for many years, is no longer involved from January 2016 onwards and we thank her for her excellent work.