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ALOGIT is controlled by the Shell program, which acts as an interface between the user, Windows and the ALOGIT program itself.


The Shell’s main role is to edit ALOGIT control files and to run ALOGIT.  In these functions it offers all the standard Windows operations with cut-and-paste editing and its own Help system.  The Shell facilitates working with multiple models in a project.  Additionally, it has further functions...

-        the capability to make Jack-knife runs to explore the impact of model specification errors;

-        a coefficient comparison viewer, with a function allowing the user to examine the difference in coefficient values between models; the Shell can also calculate correct errors in coefficient differences, allowing a statistical test of whether coefficients are different, and errors in coefficient ratios, so that error in (for example) willingness to pay can be calculated

-        a user friendly Windows based batch file program which can be activated from the shell, allowing the user to perform multiple ALOGIT runs;

-        the integration of a reporting system, allowing the presentation of model scenario output using tables and graphs.


The Shell also controls the editing of ALOGIT INI files, which control the way in which ALOGIT interacts with the PC: the use of RAM, production of screen reports and the deletion of scratch files, for instance.